Friday, February 26, 2016

para elite

1. Can you introduce your band members and your sound?
Sean on vocals
Jay on guitar
Robert on bass
Tony on drums
2. Can you tell us about your album that just came out? whats different compared to your other albums?
Our new album is actual our first lp. The first was a split with our friends from Denver..TOTAL ANNIHILATION.
The difference between this release and our first, is that we had a lot more time to perfect our songs. Our last was very rushed and very raw- the guy recording was not a fan of skinheads so It really showed. Cliff Warby (condemned 84) really came through being he had 2 days to learn the tunes as well as be ready for a pretty big gig, He really did great! Though the first release really lacks however The new release does not.
3. Whats some of your biggest influences on your songs and lyrics.
My biggest influences, or actually PARA ELITES.1980s uk oi! And RAC.skullhead is an obvious..but others are..4skins, the glory,combat 84, condemned 84, last resort.... Well,you get it. The lyrics are pulled from today's relevant issues...we don't sing about "being out with the boys having a pint..oi!oi!oi!!!”. The titles and topics from the "push on" release are very open and easy to peg. We don't beat around any bush.
4. When did you pick up your first instrument?
Instrument? I can't play shit!i leave that to my guys. We are always on the same page with lyrics to tune.. Very obvious on "fuck Islam"... It's so easy to work with this line up.
5 what got you into the skinhead scene?
I got into skinhead cus it just felt right. My first skinhead album was "this are 2 tone".... It was good music.... And I still love 2 tone ska.... But early I'm my skinhead years... I found skrewdriver... And such. That was very normal in the mid 1980s.
6. is there a scene in your area and how is it?
Our scene in Los Angeles is far left PC crap. We never play in our home town. We consider oc our band home. The skins down there are great... Fun and energetic gigs with no issues... We have skinheads of all races at our gigs.... Very common... Just no shit stirring leftist redskins.... They have always been toxic the the skinhead scene. 7. whats been your favorite gig?
All gigs are my favorite for many reasons...but the NYC oi! Fest really stands out! Great lineup,great venue,great promoters and amazing crowd. 8. whens your nextI concert? Our next show was in Mexico... But that was a bust.... We will be playing 2 more dates very soon... Not sure with who and when... But soon
9. where can we get your cds and vinyls?
You can find our latest release "PUSH ON" on STREETROCK is out now, with 2 bonus tracks that aren't gunna be on the vinyl... One of the bonus tracks is..... Ahhh just pick it up and find out! But this label is a great label... Exactly what we needed for this release.. Thanks Scott! 10. is there any last words? comments? and thank you for the interview.
Last words
Better dead,than fucking red!
Don't let them pull you down!
We won't say sorry to anyone!
Our pride is our loyalty!
And.......... PUSH ON!
You see what I did there???

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

muerte y calaveras interview in english!

1. Hi, I’m Eleka (vocalist and guitaritst) from Muerte y Calaveras R.A.C. band. Alf is the drummer and sometimes is also the second voice.
 We founded the band in 2007, since then other members played with us.
 We recording two studio records: “Noches de Furia” (2008), “Con Nosotros Marcha la Muerte” (2011). And a split CD live recording in ISD Memorial Argentina 2012.
 2. what got you guys into nationalism?
 2. We involved in NS movement in 90’s. We saw in National Socialism the ideology essential to fight the synarchy and his New World Order. Since then we're keeping active in the scene.
 3. What bands got you into the skinhead sound?
 3 We are not looking for a special sound, but we like RAC sound in the early years. We like Pluton Svea, Skrewdriver, Division 250, Odal Sieg, Brigada NS, B.D.C., No Remorse, RaHoWa… and many more.
 4. are you guys part of a group?
 4. We belong to M.Y.C. Skins
 5 what concerts have you enjoyed the most? what was the line up?
 5. We enjoyed every gig. But we really enjoyed the South American Tour in 2012. It started in Argentina, we played in Chile twice, Brazil and Uruguay. We played and shared stage with local bands and we met cool people
 6 what would be your dream line up for a gig?
 6. We are very happy with the actual sound. It’s the best sound in these all years in our band. We will be our 8th anniversary playing RAC very soon

 7. do you guys plan on preforming somewhere else other than south america?

 7. We receive invitations all the time to play in European countries and also USA. But there are many troubles you know, work, legal problems, money…and never we could not play there. Maybe this year is our lucky year. We want to share our music with our fans and Friends around the world. Fortunately we have many good friends
 8 hows nationalism in your country?
 8. It’s not very different to Europe. People sees and feels the nationalism like a monster, a monster from the past to be eradicated to make way for the new world order in a only and global government
 9 feeling on Argentina fascist roots?
 9. Yes. Many years ago, there were governments who thinking in children's and old people. Old people were excluded and suffered in red government's capitalist and democratic line. Reason for which Argentina is one of the countries hardest hit by synarchy to yield to respect
 10. thank you guys for the interview... any last words?
 10. We are working in the third studio album. Will be ready this year and we also will be working in splits and compilations with other bands.
 Greetings to all “calaveras” around the world

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Misanthropic Division Brazil interview!

1 Can you introduce MD as a organization

The Misanthropic Division is a paramilitary organization totally racist and romantic, which stands for National Socialist struggle and the resumption of European traditional way of life. We have a position contrary to any materialistic doctrine and not European, are the false beliefs of Christianity, the cultural Marxism or liberal Jewish degeneration. We are PAN-European, lovers of the natural way of life, the pantheons of our ancestors, the blood religion, that connects us with our real spiritual essence and a natural way of life. In other words, are the cry of hatred against the modern world, the total break with multiculturalism, the call for ethnic, spiritual, moral survival and physiological for all European peoples and Euro Descendants

3 Can you tell me what you guys do in terms of activism and get together?

n Brazil we have many problems, nothing in our country in favor, laws harm us, politicians hate us, we hate the police and much of the population (very stupid) also hates us! Because of this we can not make big statements like certain groups in the European region, but here there is also a great activism: make collages, pasted stickers, do graffiti, produce gigs for the meeting of members and the disclosure of bands that make music for the cause Produce lectures with debates about National Socialism and the importance of preserving the white race in Brazil and worldwide, we have the production of articles for people from our core and also to call people outside of our core, and we also do many "piratismos "against the system, illegal actions for our laws.

3 can you tell about the situation of European descended people in your country? Are they growing or shrinking?

In the South of my country there are many cities that do not change! keeps European customs, speaking languages ​​such as Italian, German, Spanish and even Ukrainian .... with their respective cultures and not mingling with the multiculturalism of the rest of the country .. but in most of the euro descendants are decreasing in Brazil.

4 How did you get into nationalism?

I think in pról National Socialist the white race and not only nationalist in my country, because here we do not have customs, nation and characteristics. I joined the cause seeing the extinction of my race, my origins, my ancestral blood being forgotten over time, and also seeing the red plague and the Jewish plague expanding worldwide.

5 What's your feelings on the separatist movements that say south Brazil should be independent

I really support that southern Brazil is independent even if at the beginning you can spend some difficulties, but the problem is that many of the separatist movements in Brazil are made by Masons ... and do not support the masonry, so it is kind of hard

6 Do you guys have close relations with any other group ?

We have good relations with any National Socialist group that is serious and truly fight for the cause. There are some other groups in Brazil who are our allies, some of which small groups that give us support.

7 How does one get involved?

Looking for a local cell and passing through a period of observation to see their loyalty and their trust

8 Well Is there any last words and thank you for doing the interview!

Thanks for the opportunity I had to speak on their site and tell a little about the movement of my country, know that here there is still a strong and politicized movement for white sake! I leave a Sieg Heil to all comrades and thanks for the interview. 88

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

14 sacred words!

1. introduce you and your krew

 We are 14 Sacred Words.
 Jasin (me) - guitar and vocals
 Mikkaal - guitar and vocals
 Scott - bass
 Euclid - drums

 2. what kinda music do you play?

 We are still developing our sound, but for the moment we're just calling it Metalcore.

 3. what's unique about your band?

 I would say the biggest thing that sticks out about us is we're probably the only openly pro-white Metalcore band currently in the game.
 Also, everything to the smallest detail, from artwork to recording, mixing and mastering, and distribution of our music is done entirely by ourselves.

 4. most important band that influences you? any nationalist bands?

 All of us have wildly different tastes in music, ranging from Vivaldi to Impending Doom.
 I think objectively, our music could be compared to bands like Born of Osiris, Killswitch Engage, and maybe Motionless In White.
 There are many Nationalists bands we love and listen to daily such as Those Opposed, Final War, H8Machine, No Remorse, Nokturnal Mortum, Temnozor, (this list can go on forever).

 5. you support a group?

 14 Sacred Words is a handful of a DAG of Identity Vanguard. We support all Nationalist groups, regardless of ideological differences or location, but we are avid supporters of Traditionalist Worker Party.

 6 what's your area like for nationalism?

 We live in NYC, there is no Nationalist movement here, though we do have a few scattered Nationalist groups throughout the five boroughs. This is a very dangerous place to be pro-white. It's akin to being the only man with sight in a village where blindness is the law.
 7. you guys plan on playing live?
 We would love to perform live shows in the future, but as of right now, we have very little written material and ever diminishing free time. We remain hopeful.

 8. when would/will you guys have a first release?

 I wish I could put any kind of honest timestamp on it, but all I can say for certain is that we're working on new material every weekend. We hope to have a full length album ready for release some time this year.

 9. dream concert line up?

 I would like to see any of the bands who advocate for our cause in the mainstream arena. My dream concert is one of all of our bands off the fringes.

 10 any last words or comments?

 Thank you for speaking with us. And thank you, to all who've supported 14SW and the Nationalist cause in these hectic times. We can see the tide rolling in, the enemy losing their grip on the minds and souls of our people. The days of change are upon us, brothers and sisters!
 Surrender, never!
 Victory, forever

Sunday, September 13, 2015

carlos of bronco army!

1. Introduce yourself and your band. 1-Well, I'm Carlos current bassist in Bronco Army. I think I do not know how the situation at the time and still will continue with the band. 2. Can you tell me about your style of music? 2- I really like Oi and Rac. I'm not like the others, do not like reggae, ska and rocksteady. 3. What countries have you played at? 3- We have played in Germany and Czech Republic. 4. What bands do you consider your biggest influence? 4- For me, Skrewdriver, No Remorse, Agent Buldogg, Endstufe, Skullhead, Bulldog Breed, Les Vilains, Kill baby Kill, Condmned 84, Close Shave, Brutal Attack, Pluton Svea, Brutal Combat, Evil Skins, ic1, Likedeelers. 5. Is there a lot of skins in Brazil? 5- It has many labels and idiotic pseudo revolutionaries. But real Skinheads? I don't think so, haha. 6. What is your feeling on the local Antifa who got ran over by the bus in Brazil? 6- I do not like Antifas and if they are suffering accidents or dying for nothing do not care haha 7. What your lyrics mostly about? 7- We talked a lot about Sao Paulo pride of our beloved land we were born and we struggle to get rid of Getulio Vargas government, and mostly we talk about street skinheads facing the obstacles of everyday life. 8. What is your feeling on the national politics in your home country? 8- My feeling about the current policy is pure disgust and a vision of a miserable future for all of Brazil, I hope the opposition comes to save us. 9. What made you decide you were going to be a skin and play in a rock n roll band? 9- I've always been street kid, and I start in punk where I identify myself for a while however never considered me as an anarchist or political supporter of failed ideals, I met the skins of my town and started hanging out with them and always seeking information always wanted to have true friends who were with me to drink and also to fight then I found myself in the mean. 10. Is there any last words or comments? 10- For me my concept of skinhead you have to have liver to drink enough, loyalty and honor principles that a man should carry with them for life, the hatred in his eyes and fists to face any enemy and mostly have a sense of brotherhood and also to music because it frees us from day stress ... hold on tight, a big hug and cheers for American skinheads!

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Could you please introduce yourself to our readers:

Hi there, I'm Jäsä, knocking on 43 and a racial activist on various levels since 1989. My utmost interest is video making, filming and editing. But I have also produced skinzine (AinaSkin in early till mid 1990s) and a few other mags as well (Finnish B&H in mid 1990s too and later on editor of chief in Blood & Honour Scandinavia and B&H Sweden mags).
I've also put some time in producing CD's (AinaSkin, Ragnarock records with Max Hammer and NS records with Marcel Schilf + various sublabels). And been organizing plenty of gigs, demos what not. Kriegsberichter videomagazine series ( are some of my most known work.
Recived a few years "statepaid holiday" back in 1990's for duties for Race & Nation, which just made me more motivated on White Mans' cause.
Like: Dogs. Dislike: Third worlders.

1. how did you get into video making?

I always felt very strongly about storytelling and making my own mini movies, was heavily influence by splatter/gore genre in the late 1980's so at the oh ever so tender age of 14 I finally grabbed the camera (vhs)
and a bunch of friends and just started like that. It was 1987 then, and got into Skinhead way of things couple of years later so the course of
my videos was shaped up accorindgly.

2 whos you favorite director or animator?

Kosher alert, but gotta be Stanley Kubrick ... or Milos Forman or F.F. Coppola. Obviously a woman who renewed story telling too (Orson Welles just ripped her off), Leni Riefenstahl o/. (Triumph of the will, Olympia 1936 etc...)

3 how did you get into nationalism?

I'm prety sure I got it in my mothers milk. Finns are naturally born nationalists considering our history. Trusting no-one (in regards to our bordering countries) can be challening.

4 is sweden as liberal as they say it is?

Unfortunately Sweden is being turned into Sharia zone Kalifat. I lived there good 15 years. Best of luck to them though, drive the enemy into sea.

5. is there any swedish groups making progress for nationalism?

Anyone standing up for their race & nation in these days is that progress.

6 what made you think of your video series? whats your favorite one?

If you mean Kriegsberichter videomagazine, it was a natural evolution, them concert videos started to be a bit boring in the long run
so I teamed up with Marcel Schilf of NS88 in 1995. Before that I made music videos for bands, for instance Paul Burnley of
No Remorse fame once requested 20 or so clips. Many projects were folded but evolved finally into what then became known as Kriegsberichter,
travelled quite a bit across in Europe to film various events, also got footage sent to me (vhs supremacy!).

7. if you could have a day to talk to someone either dead or far away who would it be?

Far away is easy...just email or videocall away. But that would always be my one and true inspiration, Ian Stuart. He liked the videos I made for
Skrewdriver at the dawn of 1990's. That and my parents (been gone for 21 years now).

8.what bands are your favorite in the americas? what about europe?

I don't really follow music scene nowadays at all, its a whole new other ballgame with the invasion of third worlders at hand ... so it's gotta be the bands I grew up with, ie. Arresting Officers, Day Of The Sword, Nordic Thunder (interiewed them
in my AinaSkin magazine in 1992 when they had just put out a demotape), Bully for newver acts, I liked Youngland a lot, and Blue Eyed Devils, oh and also Lighting Rod
for giving such gems (hi Dave!)

9 can you tell me about you 40 rarities that just came out?

It's basically a compilation of various clips I've made between 2011 - 2015 and were never put out on any DVD release. Lot of old 'Driver songs given heavy editing. But also brand new
stuff like Trollfront, IC1 etc ... a few distributors are dealing with that release now. All in all I have made hundreds of videos, my youtube channel has entertainment for a few hours:

10. any bands you hope to be able to see live?

Yeah, the classical MisFits line-up smile emoticon Driver obviously, Driver now, Driver today, Driver tomorrow, Driver forever.

11 thank you for you interview and think you!

Thank you Wolfiedude for the interest. All the best

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Escuadron 88! stolen from Midgård Magazine

Hello Sebastian! Would you like to introduce yourself and the band Escuadron 88? Greetings. The band was created in 1996-1997, and it is the first WP skinhead band in our country. It kept on activity only a couple of years because several members were jailed between 1999 and 2001. In 2002, we tried to regroup the band without success. The NS scene remains very quiet until 2009 due to the strong persecution to the skinheads. In 2012 the band regroups with three new members; Ganda in the drums, Lucio playing the bass and Laika in guitar. Sebastian is the only member from the original formation. Escuadron 88 has participated in many concerts in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. The band’s albums are; a poor quality demo from 1998, a split with four songs in 2013, the same year the first album “Urban Warriors”, and in 2015 the EP “Resiste”. This year we will participate in a compilation album; “Independencia y Revolución”, with many RAC/WP bands from South America. How is everything going down in Uruguay these days? Has it only gone downhill since the lefts took over back in 2004? Yes, the reds had been in the government for more than 10 years now, and every year our country turns more and more decadent. They are destroying the occidental values in our society. The left wing brought their socialist laws like the legalization of marihuana, free unlimited abortion and homosexuality. Also criminality and drug abuse grown fast in the last 10 years. Uruguay is receiving a lot of immigrants too, mostly niggers from the Caribbean and peruvians. Traditionally, our society was formed by a huge working class of European descendents, mostly from Spain and Italy. Nowadays this is changing because of the low birth rate of white people and a growing population of blacks and mixed race. Regrettably, the left wing has been successful with this agenda… Uruguay does not have any conscription, but the army want to recruit gays? No conscription ever, and yes, must be some gay recruits. Uruguay has turned in a fucking paradise for faggots. They walk in the streets holding hands and kissing in front of the children, it’s disgusting. The gay lobby is very powerful in our country, there are homos in politics, economy and surely in the army too. Is it easy to be introduced to White Nationalism in Uruguay? Unfortunately people have no racial pride in Uruguay, so the white nationalism has never been popular at all. Most people hate white nationalist, and there are anti racist and antifa groups. We are living a “racial suicide” in Uruguay. The minorities can be proud of their race or condition, while we can’t say we are pride of being white without being called racist, accused of discrimination and even sent to prison. How were you introduced to White Nationalism? I’m proud of my European ancestors since I was a child, and I didn’t understand why was supposed to be ashamed of it. In school, teachers predicate multiculturalism and lie about our history. The white man created great civilizations and brought progress to every land he went. I HAVE NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF, I’M PROUD TO BE WHITE. Back in 1996 we formed the first WP skinhead group in Uruguay with some friends of mine. In these days we also edited a NS music fanzine called “Orgullo Skinhead” (Skinhead Pride) and collaborated with 14WordsPress and Katia Lane. We end up in prison in 1999 just for belong to a white pride supporter group. This didn’t discourage us and we tried to keep fighting for our ideas, but between 2001 and 2004 several street fights leave almost every uruguayan skinheads in jail. This taught us to work in a different way. Nowadays most of us have kids, and for me raising my daughters is the most important thing in my life because I have always lived by the 14 words. The struggle for a future for our race and our children continues, and someway Escuadron 88 is a way of keep fighting. Are you involved with an organization? To belong a white pride organization in our country is illega. How is it to be open with your political opinion in your country? Saying you disagree with the so called “democracy” makes you a proscript, and you will eventually get jailed. So, national socialist or fascist opinions are pursued. As I said in the previous question; forming an organization with these “politically incorrect” opinions it’s illegal. And how did you get hooked up making music? There wasn’t any RAC from Uruguay before us, we were the firsts to bring this music to our country. As everyone at first, I used to listen to Oi! And hardcore bands. Then I knew some RAC bands that blowed my mind. The first WP/RAC bands I listened to were Skrewdriver, Division 250, Klan and Estirpe Imperial. Would you like to introduce your new minialbum "Resiste!"? “Resiste” was recorded in April 2015 and it has 4 songs. “Indignados” (Outraged) it’s a song about our refuse for this decadent world, and our pride for our race will never die because we will never surrender. “Occidente” (Western) comes next, as the name says, it’s a song about defending our true values and western european culture. The third track “Ruta 88” (Route 88) is dedicated to Ganda (our drums player) and all motorcyclists that are proud of their race. The last song “Resiste” (Resist) is about standing in a world in ruins, resisting. Better times are coming comrades, our flag will fly again! Does Uruguay have any historical, or alive persons that have influenced white nationalists? No, as I said, the White nationalism in our country it’s something new (since 1996) and we are not influenced by any historical character because, in our opinion, no one openly defended white pride before. The music scene in you country. Is it big? Or are you a part of a bigger scene together with other South American bands? No, in our country the scene is small, we are few skinheads and true NS. Lately we struggle not only with the antifa scum, but also with white trash dressed like a skinhead and using our symbols, who have a lifestyle that totally disagree with the national socialist principles. Fortunately, we created a skinhead front with our brothers and sisters from Argentina and Sao Paulo (Brazil). The skinhead front organizes concerts, events and soon a shop with CDs and T-shirts. How is it with live gigs for Escuadron 88? We love concerts, is what we like most. Here in Uruguay we had organized just a few concerts, with a small amount of people, we played just for our friends. But in the last years we participate in a concert in Brazil with 60 people approximately, with other bands like Zurzir (Brazil) and Pelea de Ratas (Chile). The two biggest concerts we played in were in Buenos Aires with 100 people and our brothers' bands from Argentina Fides, Gladius and Nos Hicimos Respetar. People had told us we sound much better in live concerts than in our albums. In my opinion this is just because we are not a studio band, we are a band with strong feelings for the love of our race, and hate for the NWO who want to destroy it. That’s why our sound is powerful and aggressive. Which bands do you prefer listening to? I had listened to RAC for 20 years, it’s hard to say, but if I have to choose I prefer the 90’s bands like División 250, Klan, Ultrasur, Brigada NS, Max Resist, Bully Boys, Nordic Thunder, Aggravated Assault, Chaos 88, Natural Born Killers, AdL 122, Sud XT, Peggior Amico, Celtic Warrior, No Remorse, Konkwista 88, Kolovrat, etc. I also listen to new bands like Bronson, our brothers Fides Skins from Argentina, Bloodshed 88, and several spanish bands. Also like viking rock bands from Sweden; Ultima Thule, Hel, Pluton Svea of course, and Steelcaped Strenght (in my opinion the best). What is the future plans for Escuadron 88? Next month we plan to record two new songs for the Skinhead Front’s compilation called “Independencia y Revolución” together with Gladius, Fides y NHR, Pelea de Ratas, and Infractores from Brazil. We also are invited to a concert in December. Next year we are going to play in some other recitals and take a free time to compose new songs. Thank you for the interview. Last words out to Sweden is all yours. Thanks to you Andreas for giving us this space in Midgård Magazine and made us able to reach Sweden and many other european countries, thank you very much. We also want to invite the readers to download our music and watch our videos in youtube because we are running out of CDs copies right now. We hope to play in Spain and Italy in a couple of years. A salute to all skinheads from Sweden and Europe, never forget what we are fighting for, the 14 words!! WPWW