Sunday, January 25, 2015

This is my interview with the one man band known as hammervolk. A interesting mix of ambient and other various mix of folk music from Brazil. This is the song from his up coming album.( ) Be prepared for more!

Introduce your music to people that haven't ever heard it before?

"Well. It's a hard question, I think. No matter how I introduce myself, it's always people's first impression that is going to count. I think that art can't be detached from the artist and vica versa. That being said, you will find fragments of my art in my personality and the opposite as well. It's all full of contemplation, longing and it's rather solitary. That sets the mood pretty well for both my music and my personality, I think."

How did you get into this type of music? its not a very common type of music in both nationalist or mainstream circles.

"I have always been into story-telling and atmospheric music, and that's a very important fact. In my opinion, this music - full of longing for a long-gone past and a world woefully lost, the atmosphere is one of the key aspects, it's sort of a "key" to open the long-forgotten gates that link us to such realities. I guess it started back when I first listened to Burzum's synth albums and that developed when I discovered bands like Wojnar and Lord Wind."

"What bands where your biggest inspiration?"

"Burzum, Wojnar and Lord Wind."

Is there any other bands in your area that you feed off or is it mostly just you doing your own thing?

"There are some bands which I like and regard very much. But I would dare telling you that the sound of my music is pretty unique around here, and doesn't feed much upon other influences rather than the ones I listed."

how many albums do you have?

"Until now there are two short and limited EPs released on tape by Werewolf Promotion from Poland. The material for the first full-length album is being prepared, though."

Who is the new album being released through?

"I don't know yet. Any professional and ideologically suitable label would do though."

Will it be different than your last eps? and how?

"Sort of. They will have vocals included on them, and they will sound better, production-wise"

Is there a way labels could get a hold of you?

"There may be, there may not be. It's something I'll have to find out in the near future."

Name one of your favorite songs that you have created?

"I think I'm very fond of all my songs. They all represent different aspects and epochs of my life, but I think my best creation so far is "The Fog of War" featured in the upcoming album."

Hows the white nationalism movement down in south america?

"I can't say much about it because I currently do not take part in any "movement" or whatsoever. There are some people promoting bands, gigs, and political activism, as far as I'm concerned. But it's pretty much as everywhere else, despite our limitations. There's good people, and there's not-so-good people, nothing much to it."

Whats the racial situation there in the multiracial haven known as Brazil?

"I guess we are in a very bad situation, pretty much as everywhere else. Multiculturalism has deceived people's minds on a really deep level here. The situation is, most people do not have any kind of racial awareness. The government always tries to blame everything bad on the whites and makes them feel that "white guilt" feeling, you know? In the meantime, some racial awareness is encouraged among the colored peoples, so they can kind of revolt against whites for believing we owe them some kind of compensation or whatsoever. That's basic left wing political agenda there"

I often hear how SE Brazil is really really white, there isn't even a stable nationalist org there?

"In South Brazil there are actually a few separatist movements here and there, but they don't have anything to do with racial politics or the likes. So no, I guess there's nothing like what you've asked about around here."

I think that somes up our interview, is there anything left that you want to say?

"Thanks for taking your time to interview me. I wish your readers have a good time reading this, and I would like to send them my best regards"

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