Friday, January 30, 2015

Major Disappointment has to be one of my favorite bands of the non-pc punk scene. heres the newest single they have called abrasive OI! and check out more on their channel!

Introduce yourself and your music

I'm Carl and i'm the founder of Major Disappointment. Its been 5 years and several line up changes. Current members include Zacky Echos on drums, Anti Social Dave on bass, Mason and myself on guitar. M.D. is the soundtrack to Americas descent into chaos. That being said its hard to fit us into a particular category. We call it Abrasive Oi!

How would you describe your music known as abrasive oi?

Its Oi! based but with a faster tempo and plenty of aggression. Some say they hear elements of hardcore, some say they hear punk and when you put it all together you get Abrasive Oi! It was never something i said hey i want to do a oi, punk, hardcore thing and honestly to this day i dont really know how to play. It's just how it came out

What are your music influences?

Thats a pretty wide range. I was always drawn to more obscure bands. Which is how i got into Oi to begin with. Bands like the Die Hards caught my attention early on. Anything that was brutally honest and sincere, And that includes RAC,Oi, punk, hardcore and even classic country

Is there a decent scene in your area?

Its fair hahaha and definitely growing. We are the bastards of Michigan because we don't kiss ass to the pc scene so that will on occasion create problems booking shows haha

Do sharp cause any issues at your scene? i heard michigan has atleast more than one there

Not directly. So far it's always the same old tactic of calling the venue with stories of how terrible we are and the venues bow down. But we've also had venues that told them to fuck off. Either way is fine with me. I have no idea whos is making the calls because they never come out. I can say that i've never had a problem face to face.

whats your favorite venue to play at?

That's a hard question. I can't say i have a favorite venue. I would rate it on the crowd. We can play a dive bar with a small crowd that really gets what we're doing and that to me is better than a big stage and light show

whats you favorite song to play live? whats you favorite song you made in general?

Live i would have to say It Is What It Is. That song just flows for me and is really fun to play. In general i would say Abrasive oi

say some one wants to get in the biz of making music ... what advice would you have for them?

Define your sound and get a product out. Its much easier to promote when you have something to show for your effort. Also remember its it the music business. And like any business there are good people and bad. If a booker, label or promoter start telling you all the great things they can do for you they are probably full of shit. Don't believe anything until it happens

What's all your albums and eps and how can my viewers get ahold of them?

We have our self titled full length cd and the Underground Allegiance full length cd. There was also the Tax Is Control ep which was a diy release that we did and a Bootleg This DVD. Full lengths are available at fine online shops such as Never Surrender, Label 56 and Streetrock Records as well a amazon and ebay. Or people can attend a show and pick one up direct. The Tax Is Control ep was a short run of 100 and i'm not sure where you could find that or the dvd

Do you guys have any shows coming up and what guys do you enjoy jaming with?

We have shows coming up this spring but we generally advertise by word of mouth or at the last minute so we actually get to play haha. We haven"t played a whole lot of what i would call scene shows. We usually play with metal and hardcore bands wherever we can get on. We had Joe from Hated and Proud join us for some songs at a show last year. That was a lot of fun. Better Dead Than Red is always good time. Some of the newer bands as well. I have fun at every show. Whether the others around me do is another story

I think that pretty much sums everything up,thank you, and any last words?

I'd like to thank you for helping the scene out and giving bands like ours another avenue to connect with the fans of the true underground. Stockpile ammo, pray for war

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