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Hiraeth interview!

1. Introduce yourself and your bandmates:
Nebel: Hiraeth consists of two members. "Nebel which handles all instrumentation and Saisir who hands all vocals."

2. What makes your band different then the rest in our scene: 
Nebel: we fit in very well with the Atmospheric black scene, and or the Nationalist music scene, but we sound nothing at all like any bm band in our area, we have more of a European sound then the traditional American sound.

3. What brought you into nationalism: 
"Day to day life, the fact that equality can not exist. One is always put on top through the times standards. It is natural to fend for your own, but with in a modernist world of drugs, television and other substances that could make a human being so apathetic can mold a person's natural instincts away from what is supposed to be. Above all it feels right."

4. Is there a decent music scene there? 
"There is no ns or even black metal music at all. We have great bands in near by states, but nothing really here. "

5 What bands influenced you alot? 
Nebel: Kristallnacht, White Wolves kommando, Goatmoon, wotanorden, and many more, the main influence is nature and the instinct to survive. 

6. Top 5 bands of all time?
Nebel: Kristallnacht, White Wolves Kommando, Nekrokrist SS, Goatmoon, Elitism.  

7. What's your favorite song to play live? Nebel: we don't play live at the moment. What about in general? My personal favorite is Forboding Winter. 

8. is there alot of nationalist in your area and are they growing? 
NEBEL:There is more racially aware people because of the economy and daily inconvenience has finally tested them.  

9. Is there a way to get your cds or merch? 
Yes keep an eye out at, We are releasing 3 albums right after another since two are completely recording and the third is done with writing.  

10. Thank you for letting me interview you... Any last words? 
"Stay strong, if we go down, we go down with honor and our heads up. Hail traditionalism!"

"My singers answers his name is Saisir." 
2. What makes your band different then the rest in our scene? "I am not concerned with being different or standing out. You either like us or you don't."
3. What brought you into nationalism? "General degradation of the world, lack of traditionalism and morality."
4. Is there a decent music scene there? "Our music scene is virtually non existent here."
5. what bands influenced you alot? "I apparently take a lot of influence from bands I've never even listened to (haha) or so says Nebel. Was into alot of Death metal when I was young, Tampa scene."
6. top 5 bands of all time? Genre?
"Nordglanz, Velimor, Eole Noir, Goatmoon, Kolovrat, in no particular order to name a few. "
7. What's your favorite song to play live? What about in general? "If Hiraeth ever plays live Nachtwandel will probably be supererb."
8. is there alot of nationalist in your area and are they growing? "There are a few around. We stick ourselves mainly in the area."
9. Is there a way to get your cds or merch? ""
10. Thank you for letting me interview you... Any last words? "Thanks for the quick interview, hope the answers will suffice."

survivor of the plague

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i had a interview with the lords of RAC! watch and learn!

1 introduce yourself and your bands style
Scott Vocals, Ed Lead Guitar, Wayne Bass, Drew Guitar and Steve Drums. * Our style is Hard Rock/Punk

2 what separate you guys from the rest of the RAC scene?
We deliver a signature sound of a mix from different genres. Our sound is a blend of hard rock, punk, oi, southern rock and street rock

3 what's your favorite bands and how they effected your music
3. Our tastes for music and what we listen too differ from each band member. For myself (scott) i still listen mostly to older rac bands. Skrewdriver had a sound and message that made perfectly good sense to me. I was turned onto them at a crucial point in my life of becoming a young man. I had like-minded views, so naturally the band pulled me in as a diehard fan.

4 how bigs the scene in america compared to how it use to be and how is it in texas now?
In terms of shows, It's always up and down. Through the 80's-90's, it was commonplace to hear of shows every month with good line ups from the dozens of bands that existed back then. I have seen the American rac music scene rise and fall at least 4 times over my career. Labels shut down, promoters settle into family life, Shows in remote areas that few will travel to, etc. all play part when it's down. It is now reaching the point where new blood is stepping up and promoting the music again. The bands are stepping it up too with recording efforts and production. There are now thousands of videos on the web from like-minded bands . Before, only hundreds could hear us, now hundreds of thousands are hearing us. I'd say that it is as strong as ever and continues to grow more daily. * Texas is a lot like the rest of the country, Up and down.

5.what new bands are you really looking up to come up
Spirit of the patriot have just released a new recording ( a split with Max Resist.) They are an American act from the east coast. "Iron will" (California) and "Kriegs Legion" (Detriot), to name a few. I recommend a listen to all 3 bands.

6.what's your favorite song to play live? How about in general?
My favorite song to play is either Thought control, or skinhead superstar. Both whip the crowd into a frenzy! I like performing most of the Hard Times Hard Measures songs. That album is special to us and filled with great memories while recording it.

7 is there any bands that you want to do a concert with?
I hope to one day perform with BFG, Brutal Attack, or Max Resist again.

8 what's all your albums and eps and how can we get them?
We have numerous spots on compilations but the full lengths and splits are:
The 6 song demo 1984/85 (self)
Divsion S/ Bully Boys- (self)
Best of 1984-1999 (panzerfaust)
White kids gonna fight (panzerfaust)
Anthems with an attitude- Brutal attack/Bully Boys (panzerfaust)
Hard Times Hard Measures (PC)
Be careful what you wish for (PC)
From Amerika with love (BBBB)
*All of our music is available for digital download
For all merch, cd's, Lp's, visit us at:

9 whats your favorite place to preform at?
That's a hard one..... Australia, Russia, Finland ,Italy, Greece, to name a few.

10 how many countries have you preformed at?
Over a dozen, and counting

11 are any of you guys hatfields or McCoys?
No we are not (we just like singing about them)

11 any last words and thank you for allowing me for doing this
12. Best of luck to ya Da Wolfman. Thank you for the support and hope to run into you at a show sometime!

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rick from label 56!

this is my favorite label in the US! rick help do alot good around the nationalist circles!

Hey thanks for the interview and my apologies for taking so long to get it done. Label 56 is a record label that has been around for a good 10 years or so now in what most people call the White Nationalist music scene. Even though we have that many years behind us I think we`re still not very well known because we don`t abide by most of the stereotypes that mass media uses to characterize WN outlets so we kind of get overlooked. But in that respect I do try to stay away from the negative connotations and shock value when it comes to promoting music. European Americans do in fact have legitimate issues that affect us politically and socially and I feel that we need to address these issues in a way that the average person can relate to.

Let me also say this, mass media creates the image that anyone active in WN politics is an intolerant nazi but personally I`m rather libertarian on a lot of issues. Unlike the left (that call themselves anti fascists yet want to ban everything they don`t agree with) I don`t want to ban anything and I don`t want to force anything on anyone. I believe that people are intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions when presented with actual facts instead of being treated like a kid and having someone telling them what they should think. They do this because most people will agree with us on the majority of our positions but then we shoot ourselves in the foot by taking these things that they agree with and dressing them up in symbols and rhetoric they can`t relate to. So the basis I`d say is to move away from some of the stuff that alienates us and move towards a more appealing avenue. On a personal note I enjoyed skateboarding when I was younger and I still love the whole atmosphere and scene around that. There was always an Independent DIY type feel to it with the skating, graffiti, and music. I also think physical fitness is important and would like to see more young people choosing sports instead of drugs and alcohol. This is all reflected in the way the Label 56 site as well as the blog and tumblr pages are run. So alongside the music you will find a little bit of politics, athletics (mma, weight training, skateboarding etc) as well as traditional art and architecture that our people can take pride in, to appreicate the beauty of our past and present and want to preserve it. There`s also a lot from the urban DIY scene including stickering and street art that you won`t find anywhere else except the European SAWB sites and the U.S. Be Active Front Pages. So basically we do things a little differently when it comes to promoting music and even ideology and because of this I`ve been told by several people over the years that we are ahead of our time.

2. How did you get into the music business?
Basically I got into it because Nationalist music is ignored by major radio stations and magazines unless it`s portrayed in a negative light. But first let me backtrack a bit-
I`ve always been big into music my entire life and enjoyed seeking out new bands. Growing up my friends and I were all a mixed up combination of metal head skater punks lol. We were all into thrash metal and then later death metal when the originals like Cannibal Corpse and Deicide came on the scene starting in the early 90`s. These were bands that didnt get any radio play and you could only find out about them in a few magazines or by word of mouth. That made me realize there was much more out there then what radio stations wanted you to hear and again that made me seek out the lesser known bands. I used to read the thank you lists on the inlay of cassettes to find out about new bands and loved picking up cassettes from the music store not knowing what to expect until you got home and could listen to them.
I also have to add that I see parallels between the heavy metal days and the Nationalist music scene of today. Back then the media would run tv specials warning parents that if their kids listened to that music they would turn into satan worshipers and would be sacrificing cows while dancing around a fire naked covered in chickens blood or some weird shit. Today they tell you that if you listen to nationalist music you will turn into a nazi that wants to kill 6 million jews. Its nonsense really.
In reality it was thrash metal that really raised my awareness to a lot of political issues. Despite what mass media had you believe there were some really good intelligent and political lyrics in a lot of these bands. Furthermore if you`re a teenager and you like to read books there`s the assumption that you`re a nerd, but when you read an interview with a band like Anthrax who say their songs are based off characters in novels you`re like 'Woah that's pretty cool, let me check this book out' so there was a positive influence there. So again there's parallels between that and the nationalist music scene in that there really is a lot of intelligent and political content in the lyrics of some of the bands despite what mas media tells you... and this is what I like to promote.
Anyway the thrash and death metal scene died off when the seattle crap took over. I hated it- the music, the dirty fashion style, the heroin junkies etc and started looking around online for new music. I came across hc bands like Earth Crisis and Strife and even though I liked the music the anti white lyrics just never sat right with me, and this was actually before I had developed any kind of solid politics of my own. I felt like it was trying to make me ashamed of who I am and I didn`t like it. It wasn't long after that i found Tri State Terrors website and was stunned that there were openly pro white bands out there. It was great. Why hadn't I heard about these bands before? I started buying cd`s and would make compilations to give out to people (this was back before Panzerfaust even did it) because there was literally nowhere else you could find out about them. Later I started getting the actual cd`s in bulk so that people could get them directly from me and from there Label 56 was born.
Before I end I should say that nowadays I am secure enough in my personal outlook that listening to bands that I may not agree with such as Earth Crisis and Strife doesn`t really bother me. Furthermore going back to EC, I think Breed The Killers is a great album musically, and when it comes to lyrics I have to say that aside from the racial aspect there`s really not much difference between our bands and theirs when it comes to the environment, economic issues etc. I`ll just leave that point open right there.
3. Who`s your favorite band?
I know you asked for one but I`m all over the place musically and I don't think I can narrow it down to just one band. I`m really into the heavier styled music myself so in our particular scene I`d say Painful Awakening, Terrorsphara and Simple Men are some of my current active faves. For the varying styles I have to say Second Class Citizen, Empire Falls, Sober Charge, Fight Tonight, Wellington Arms, Major Disappointment, 96 Brigade, Spirit of the Patriot. They all have a great aggressive sound and get regular play on my ipod. There`s some really good Russian and Ukraine hc bands out now too. I try to highlight a lot of these bands on the Label 56 podcast also.
4. Are there any good deals happening over at Label 56?
I normally run different things at different times. We`ve got some great quality pint glasses on sale atm, also various music and clothing sales. There is a "specials" section in the store category for whats current so check it out and see whats what
5. What's new bands in the scene your excited about?
In the actual openly WP scene I really don`t know of too much going on with new bands here in the states. Ironwill is one that has a good oldschool rac sound. Final Verdict and Survivors Of The Plague are two more projects that sound good as well. I also have to say Hiraeth, who is a new black metal band made up from some pretty well known guys in the NSBM scene. I really like their music. Uprise Direct is releasing a Vinland NSBM compilation coming up with several bands on it shortly too.
6. Are there any bands you really want to work with?
Honestly, I love working with new bands and promoting them. I`m happy to say that most of our releases to date were either debut releases from bands, debut full lengths, or debut promos. We`ve done everything from ambient to RAC to streetpunk, to electronic / techno. So if you have a band or a project contact us at It doesn`t matter what style it`s in, the more diverse sometimes I like even more. I`d really like to work with a pro white hip hop artist as well. There's quite a few of these artists like Mic Revolt and N'Socialist Soundsystem in Germany and parts of Europe but none here in the US yet. It's a shame because this is a music style many whites are into and I would like to offer them an alternative to the negative lyrics they hear now.
7. If some one wants to set up a white nationalist record company .. What should they expect?
Man I don`t even know. Just expect a lot of negative publicity from the media lol. On that note I thank you for this interview and thank everyone who has supported us at over the years. Stay Positive and Be Active

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this is total Annihilation with my pal jimi check it out!

this is total Annihilation with my pal jimi check it out! 

1 introduce yourself and your bands style
First of all I’d like to say thank you for the interview.   A lot of people assume bullshit or spread misleading gossip about us without ever talking to me or asking for clarification on any of the rumors about us so it’s nice to get a chance to clarify some stuff.
Jimi on vocals (I’m doing the interview), James is the drummer, Chris on bass and Alex is our newest member who joined last summer on guitar.
We’re basically on Oi! band with various other influences.  I hear us compared to 80’s Oi! a lot which is fine although I never set out for that sound in particular.  Just aim to be an aggressive sounding band with lyrics to match.
We actually have been around over a decade in many different forms (different bands really just the same name because I wasn’t creative enough to come up with a new one every time we went through a stylistic and/or member change haha).  I started the band with James and some friends when we were still in high school.  It was really fucking bad to begin with for years.  We went from basically shitty left wing gutter punk through a buncha other styles and a lot of member changes.  We became a somewhat less shitty sounding streetpunk band around 2001.  The only stuff really worth mentioning though is when we became an Oi! band around 2005.  Since then I’ve been fairly proud of the stuff we’ve put out.
2 what seperates your music from the stereotypical oi?
Well, again, we get compared to 80’s Oi! a lot.  Other than that we definitely aren’t a feel good band.  I don’t write lyrics that are all ‘happy happy fun Oi!’ like a lot of garbage.  Along these same lines we don’t have a lot of sing along type stuff.  Most of our vocal content is just me on lead with little backing vocals although I’d like to branch out from this a little bit also at live shows Chris does a lot of good backing vocals that aren’t always on the studio versions of the songs.  My view is that punk and Oi! came about as an aggressive and often violent reaction to being marginalized by mainstream society so it shouldn’t come from a ‘positive’ (at least not a na├»ve and ridiculously overly optimistic) outlook but rather a pissed off response.  I mean, life in general is no walk in the park so I don’t understand what some of these jackasses are so disgustingly happy about in their music and lyrical content.
I also take aim at PC bullshit in a lot of my lyrical content.  PC ain’t punk and it sure as hell ain’t Oi! It’s really just a way for idiots who argue from weak emotions can shut down logical discourse if and when the truth gets a little too much for them to handle and it always does.
Also at the risk of sounding arrogant I try to write about more engaging topics and try to use more clever tongue in cheek type lyrics and wordplay than the straight forward and blunt approach from a lot of run of the mill shit on our side of the fence.  The “Oi! we’re nationalist and American and don’t have much more intelligent to say that that, but, uh, yeah we’re proud and shit” type of garbage that coincidentally typically comes with equally shallow and shitty musical quality.  I appreciate support for my political outlook but some of you guys really aren’t doing the movement any favors by looking, talking, and acting like stereotypes.  It doesn’t take a trust fund and an Ivy-League scholarship to educate oneself, just bus fare and a library card (which is usually free).  Or better yet just take some time away from being an internet kiss-ass and cheerleader to those you deem ‘important’ in the scene and look up some fucking history, literature, culture and politics right here online.
3 what's your favorite bands and how they effected your music
Too many to name really.  The band that really got me into Oi! and skinhead culture in general was a local Denver band called Hardsole.  They were around when I first started TA and were cool to me when a lot of folks in the Denver scene were dickheads to me because I was one of the few streetpunks around.  I ended up becoming good friends with them so it was really just a matter of time before I became a skin from that point on.  They were patriotic but not out and out political like a lot of the shit I do these days.  I’m still friends with the core of that band.  They don’t agree with my politics these days but we all put friendship before politics (just wanted to mention that so as not to insinuate that they were a nationalist band, just plain skinhead).  We cover their most popular song “Bring it Back” as a tribute to them on our 2008 release.  The lyrics are at times contrary to my own views of skinhead life but, again, I like to put friendship before politics whenever possible and it is a good and catchy tune.
Skrewdriver has always been a huge influence on me personally.  Condemned 84 is another big influence (I am very honored to not only share a release (the PE/TA split 12”) with but also be able to call Cliff Warby a friend, the original drummer and songwriter for some of Condemned 84’s best tracks).  I always liked that they had a down to earth cynical and realist outlook.  It has been an influence on my lyrical style.  Again, as I mentioned previously, that I write a lot of negative but realistic lyrics.  I’m writing about getting in streetfights, getting fucked with by law enforcement and the state, being slandered by PC pussies, constantly being sold out by socialist and/or capitalist politicians (they all play the same game) etc…..
Not that it’s gonna help my already fucked up reputation haha but I suppose but my current favorite band would have to be Bound For Glory.  I’m personal friends with Big Ed (guitar and main song writer) and several of the members.  I’m hard pressed to think of another band that has done even close to as much for American RAC as BFG has.  They also are one of the most slandered bands and their reputation in the scene is largely a lot of bull shit.  Oh, I suppose I should mention that I’m of Japanese racial decent for those who didn’t already know and no, that has not been a problem or issue with our mutual friendship (*PC minds blown*).  What has always struck me about BFG is both their musical talent which is well above most Oi! or RAC bands as well as their well thought out lyrical content.  I like that they have more intelligent things to say than just a bunch of slurs and shock value content (although I do admittedly get a laugh out of that kinda stuff at times in a lot of bands).  At the risk of contradicting some of my earlier comments I like that their message tends to be largely positive rather than just hate and negativity.
I also have been heavily influenced by Japanese skinhead bands starting with the 3rd wave of Japanese skinhead culture around the early nineties when the scene became a lot more nationalist and rather than trying to adopt foreign cultures and singing in English they embraced Japanese culture and traditions, mixed that with skinhead culture and sang largely in Japanese.  Sledgehammer is my favorite band that started in that era and I’m glad they are still around and making music.  I like a lot of the current Japanese bands as well.  I particularly like and support the bands affiliated with the YellowSide 28 record label and crew.  Aggro Knuckle is probably the most well known of these bands, although they did start back in the nineties.  Beyond Hate is another good band from YS28 that has more of a hardcore sound.
A more recent, or rather very recent influence is Para Elite.  Not just because we had the honor of sharing a split 7” with them but they have a great and very unique sound that has been really catchy for me personally.  I find their songs stuck in my head on a routine basis.  They are often described as an American version of Skullhead (another band that has been very influential on me personally).  Honestly, I really can’t speak highly enough of these guys.  Sean Cooper (Coop to me) the vocalist is a great friend and we had played with his previous band White Flag Down before.  A really good band but I gotta say he took it to another level with Para Elite.  Drummer on the record and now honorary lifetime member, Cliff Warby as I mentioned previously was an original member and songwriter for Condemned 84 is a great guy and great friend too.  Also my Y.E.A.R. brother Jason is now on guitar for them so I’m very happy about that.  I’ve really enjoyed working with all the members of Para Elite as well as playing live with them.  I really can’t pick a personal favorite song from these guys.  It really depends what mood I’m in because it is all fucking top notch.
Some other bands that have been big influences on me growing up are Cocksparrer, Angelic Upstarts (I hate Mensi’s commie politics but musically they were an influence on me as a teenager), The Templars, Blood for Blood (had an epic revenge beatdown at one of their shows haha) Arresting Officersas well as punk bands like One Way SystemThe Partisans (first LP I owned as a teenager) Chaos UKand Resistance 77.

How about what's year ?

Y.E.A.R. is Yellow East Asian Resistance. It's sorta a crew i'm affiliated with that my bro Yang started up for nationalist skins of East Asian racial decent. He would probably want me to clarify that what we mean by East Asian is much more exclusive than what the average American views as Asian (i.e. not Philipinos, Indians, Indonesian, Malaysian etc... these are not considered East Asian)

what's yellowside

Yellowside (abreviated as YS28) is a nationalist skinhead record label and skinhead crew in Japan. I have several close friends who are very active members of YS28 both in bands and doing the promotion and label work. They have done a whole lot to build the Japanese skinhead scene and to spread its popularity internationally.
4 how bigs the scene around Colorado?
.Well depends what you mean.  As far as the skinhead scene it always fluctuates.  It’s decent sized right now but not united by style, politics or anything else really.  The punk scene is fairly big these days.  We have a pretty decent sized streetpunk scene of course the downside is you get the whole quantity over quality problem as far as a lot of followers and morons just going through the motions.  I run into a lot of so called skinheads when bigger bands come through town but there aren’t really a whole lot that really live the lifestyle and contribute to the scene.
I’m not too big into reggae (I have a few records but my vinyl collection is mostly Oi!, RAC and Metal) but some of my friend who are more reggae-type skins have put together a decent thing with the Denver Vintage Reggae Society over the years.  I support them and respect what they’ve done with what started as just a monthly reggae night and now is practically a weekly thing but it also tends to attract lefties and PC morons who like to whitewash skinhead history to  make it PC and acceptable to the mainstream.  Some of whom go around calling me a ‘nazi’ or ‘racist’ (one of the most loaded and etymologically twisted terms in the PC spin artists’ arsenal) behind my back but don’t dare say shit when I’m around them in public so I don’t really take part in that on a regular basis.  Also I don’t fucking dance.
On the flip side there are a handful of folks who claim to be white nationalist ‘skins’ but don’t do anything but tarnish the image of all of these concepts by doing/selling drugs and acting like ignorant asses.  If someone wants to be a skin it should be because they understand the history and love the subculture itself not because they think it’s just what people of their political persuasion are supposed to do.
I am happy to see some younger Oi! skins around these days and a handful of the streetpunks are really close to skinhead as far as ethic, attitude, morals and lifestyle so I hope to see some of them make it official in the future and become real skinheads.
5 feelings on skrewdriver
One of the my favorite bands.   Nothing but respect for Ian Stuart (R.I.P.)
6 what's your favorite song to play live? How about in general?
Stomp the Crust is a crowd favorite and has sorta been our ‘flagship song’ for quite some time now however after our most recent release, the ‘Battle On’ split 12” with Para Elite on Skinflint Music, I think In Bed with the Reds is quickly becoming the crowd favorite.  It is also my favorite song on our side of that release.  It’s a song about PC hypocrisy, in particular those who claim allegiance to Anti Fascist Action, a group that is just a front for pushing cultural communist politics under a safer but inaccurate label of ‘anti-racism’ and ‘anti-fascism’ so as to appeal to a broader audience than if they just used an accurate label like Communist Action, which is what they really are.  The song ultimately isn’t even that political it just calls them out on their own hypocrisy.  The fact that they claim to be ‘anti-racist’ but what they mean by that is that racism by whites is the worst thing in the world while racism that targets whites doesn’t bother them in the least.
We also cover the ’86 version of  Skrewdriver’s song Streetfight which is always a blast to play.  One of my very favorite, if not hands down favorite, of Skrewdriver’s songs and it always has a lot of the crowd getting rowdy and singing along.  Also it pisses off PC homos so that makes it even more fun haha.
7 is there any bands that you want to do a concert with?
Again, too many to name.   We have already had the honor of sharing the stage with some big name bands but more importantly some of the lesser known bands that are quality people.  One of the best shows we’ve ever played was last June in Huntington Beach, CA with our brothers Para Elite as well as great bands like Evil Inside (Roy from Final War and Wit’s Dead End’s band), our good friends from Chicago The Wellington Arms as well as The Skrewz and Barking Irons, who also have a release on Skinflint Music(now Never Surrender Records).
We also did a gig with Troll Front a few months ago in Missouri.  That was a really good time as well.  The Wellington Arms and Major Disappointment also played that one.
Brassic from California is another band that I’d really like to play with someday.  I really love their musical and lyrical style and enjoy their live show a lot.
As far as Europe goes, I’d love to play with the Scottish band Baker’s Dozen.  I’ve been a fan for years and I’ve been lucky enough to see them live.  Also bands like No Quarter and Queensbury Rules.  I was really impressed with both of these bands when I first heard their music.  They really embody what I think Oi! and skinhead music should be about.  Aggressive, hard hitting and don’t give a fuck about the PC and soft crowds.
I’d really like to play in Japan as well as Europe.  If I’m able to accomplish that with TA or any other band I do then I can die happy.  I would love to play with any of the Yellowside28 bands in Japan or in America, especially Aggro Knuckle and the Hawks.
In Colorado my favorite bands to play with are The Kaotix, a somewhat new streetpunk band that in my opinion is the future of CO streetpunk (seriously, anyone into streeetpunk should look forward to these guys blowing up soon.  Their shit is fucking good, hard hitting streetpunk the way it was meant to be), as well as 99 Bottles, an Oi! band from Colorado Springs that just plays good traditional Oi! without the somewhat ‘dodgy’ politics that are associated with TA.  Also my guitarist Alex’ relatively new band Justice Blocc, a good aggressive sounding Oi! band that has been doing a lot to put CO Oi! on the map as of late.
Anyway, like I said there are too many to name and since the band is going strong again and I have no intentions of slowing down anytime soon hopefully playing with a decent amount of the bands I’d like to will be a very real possibility in the future.
Other than that a lot of gigs I’d like to do aren’t really possible due to scene political crap whether it be blacklisting from the PC side or, conversely, flak from some of, what in my humble opinion, are the more backwards elements of the RAC and nationalist scene.
8 what's all your albums and eps and how can we get them?
Our first actual release that wasn’t some kind of shitty demo was our CD ‘The Great Patriotic War’ on 4Subculture Records from the Czech Republic in 2008.  I really appreciated the label getting ahold of us and releasing that one.  I’ve been all out of copies of that one for years now.  I’m not sure if the label has any copies left but I have seen some available from various labels and distros online as well as on sites like Ebay and such.
After that we were on hiatus for awhile when I went back to school for a few years so the next release was our ‘Colorado Oi!’ split 7” with 99 Bottles on Rebel Sound.  My friend Sebastian really did all the set up work on that one.  Our tracks were actually recorded back in 2008 and were intended for a split that ended up falling through so I’m glad they were eventually released.  To be honest, I found out after the fact that I really am basically at odds with this particular label’s political and scene outlook but I’m not gonna talk shit about them as they put out a release for us and I don’t’ have any personal beefs plus they did a great job on the release and even had patches made for it.  I only mention it because I’ve been asked about it a lot by people.  Anyway, this one is also available on various labels and distros online and last I heard it is not sold out from the label Rebel Sound or their affiliated store Skeletone Records.
Last but certainly not least is our split 12” with Para Elite on Skinflint Music.  This one is still available as of now, although likely to sell out very soon, from the label as well as a few other labels and distros that our label cooperates with.  Get it quick as the first pressing comes with a patch and CD of the release.  There are also package deals available with shirts of the bands and the release.  I really couldn’t be more proud of this one or the work that Dave Ellis at the label did as well as my Y.E.A.R. brother Jason who did a fucking amazing job on the album artwork and layout.  As I  mentioned earlier he is also now the guitarist of Para Elite so kinda cool that there are now two active bands that feature members of Y.E.A.R.  Hopefully even more in the future.  Folks can get this one at