Sunday, March 1, 2015

martin cox of extreme hatred!

1 introduce yourself and your band
My name is Martin Cox. I have been a part of the punk rock and Skinhead scene since 1979. Music was always second nature to me. So it was only natural for me to start a band (or two or three or four) The main band, that pretty much set the path, was Extreme Hatred. Started in 1991.

2 when you guys write your music, what points are you trying to get the most across
Simply put...Hatred! I wanted a band that didnt pull any punches. With influences of FEAR, The Adolescents, Black Flag, and many of the early aggressive punk bands. We wanted to come out of the shadows and let people know that we meant what we say. We live this life every day. Society always trys to knock us down where ever we go. But we were the to say ENOUGH. We hated the way things were. And we wanted people to know it.

3 what seperates your music from the average metalic RAC ?
We are pure aggression and hatred. We dont care if you like us. We dont care if you criticize us. We dont care what our enemies think nor if we offend them. We only care about getting our voices heard and take our stand of resistance.

4 whats your favorite bands?
We have so many to list. Off the top of my head...The Exploited, FEAR, The Adolescents, Skrewdriver, H8machine, Bully Boys, Mistreat, Aggrivated Assault, Kill Baby Kill, Final War, Blue Eyed Devils and a new really awesome band, Ironwill. To name just a few.

5 what bands influenced your music the most?
I think the early forms of Punk rock. The early days, when punk was raw, aggressive, and full of hatred. For me, as a singer, I was always into bands like The Exploited, FEAR, Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys. Simply because they never took any shit when they were on stage. They knew how to get the crowd in an uproar and always put on great shows.

6 how bigs the scene in idaho?
In Idaho, I would say the scene is some what moderate. There are people spread out all through out the state. Plus many people in the other states surrounding us too. But I have to say, nothing beats or is bigger than the scene in my old alma mater, Orange County.

7 any really good bands that are up coming?
Yes, two come to mind. One is Ironwill. I continue to get impressed with every thing coming out by this band. If you havent picked up any of their recordings. YOU NEED TO! They just released a split cd with the great band Open Season from Australia. You can get it through HC Streetwear (
Also, there is another up and coming, great new band, from right here in Idaho, called Beer Hall Putsch. They have been going for a little bit over a year now. And they are pretty awesome.

8 can you tell me anything about the signed cds
I have been having some health issues starting in 2007. Heart complications to be exact. And Friends and I have come up with many different ways to raise money to help me out with doctor bills, fuel to get to the numerous doctor visits I must attend every week. And to help out with food every month. I am on fixed income since they will not allow me to work. And instead of just sitting there begging for money, I at least what people to get something for helping me out. There were a few T-shirt and hoodie campaigns we did. And Warriors Pride are making Extreme Hatred Coffee cups. And HC Streetwear came up with the autographed cds. I signed and hand numbered 10 copies of the Extreme Hatred – Visualize World Hatred: The Best, The Rest And The Rare cds. All 10 have been sold. However, we will release 10 more signed and hand numbered copies of the Extreme Hatred – Live In Germany 1998 cd in the coming weeks. So watch for that. And finally I have the donation site up if any wishes to just donate. You can even do so anonymously. This page was set up by a trusted and good friend so no worries there. You can find the page under Trust me, every little bit helps me get closer to feeling better. I plan to return to the stage sometime soon.

9 any guys you would love to do a concert with
Landser! And of course, I would love to play with Faustrecht and Mistreat again some day.

10 best concert you have already done?
I like to say every concert was the best. Because not one concert is the same. So many thousands of great people I have met. But a few that stand out in my head are, the Gathering of the Gods show in Southern California and the show we played on a party boat in Austria. That was one of the coolest times.

11 where can people get your cds and merch at?
Only a handful of distros have our cds for sale. We are working on trying to change that. But right now, I think HC Steetwear is the official page we are working with. And I know Micetrap has some as well.

12 thank you for letting me interview you and any last words?
All I can say is, keep that flame lit and held high. Stick together, UNITY is what we need to focus on. We need to stand together and drop the drama. We must be prepared to fight at every corner we meet. Beat and overcome every obsticle. And by all means, stay in school and deal with the Commie Left teachers and professors. Use their ideas against them. We need to become Lawyers, Politicians, Police officers, Judges, etc. We need to take back what has been taken away from us. I want to thank you for giving me the time to do this interview. I could run on forever, as you know, but I cut my answers short lol. FOREVER LOYAL, Martin Cox

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