Sunday, March 1, 2015

misanthropic division!

this is one of my favorite groups to come up lately! there not a band but they are doing quite a bit of good work so i figured id give them a slot on my blog

1. tell me what you guys are fighting for?

"We're fighting for the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine. As well the revival of European values and culture. More broadly to revive the greatness of European peoples."

2. what states do you have people in?

"For security reasons we cannot be specific, however we have comrades who handle day to day running of our media outlet. In the continental USA and Canada. "

3. how do you get connected and join?

"Simple, just contact us we're totally public in that regard. We try to appeal mostly to Americans/anglophones but more generally we welcome all comrades to our ranks."

4. do you have connections with any groups here in the USA?

"Again, we cannot be specific but we can say this. We discourage sectarianism and petty chauvinism. While encouraging cooperation with all factions in the nationalist 'movement'."

5. i see alot of MD flags and shirts... is there a way we can get them here in the americas?

"For the time being we're working on making shirts, flags and other items available for now we can only refer you to:

6. how can we donate for the Ukrainian crises ?

"Well until we get our own mechanisms in place we have many organizations who can put even the smallest donations to good use. They are:

Ukrainian Volunteer Corps:
tel: +38 099 71 67 178; +38 068 63 59 134

Right Sector USA:
Western Union or Money Gram: 
Name and Surname: Vladyslav Antonov. 
Address: Johnson City, Tennessee, USA. 
Tel: +1-423-430-0806 
Paypal service. Our account:
Bank of America. Vladyslav Antonov
For those living in the United States: 
Wire Routing №: 026009593 
For those who live outside the United States:
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N

Victory Sisters Foundation:
tel: +380.98.908.68.68
Direct Trans. #: 5168 7572 5612 7673

tel: +380.

7. is there any other charity or group related things you guys do around the world?

"Yes, we raise funds and some comrades are involved in various demos for nationalist causes etc. We are more or less a grass roots outfit and are flexible rather than centralized in operation."

8 thank you a millions for doing this interview and is there any last words?

"You're very welcome. We can only say this, do what you can to help our comrades in Ukraine and our folk throughout the world. Together, we can prevail. Hail Ukraine; Hail Victory!"

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  1. " but more generally we welcome all comrades to our ranks." that´s not rue , they don´t accept creoles