Sunday, April 19, 2015

the 96 brigade!

this is my interview with one of favorite US bands of all time. nice dude and hope to see some things coming!

1 What is your style and influences?
I think if I have to put a "genre" onto my music, it would definitely be hardcore. anything fast, loud, and aggressive appeals to me. so i write what i love.

2 What is your favorite historical inspiration?

I love european history and conquest, but i'm an american, so i also greatly enjoy the history that my country offers. Thats the single largest reason for the 96 brigade, I wanted to write music that not only exposes the corrupt nature of people in power, but it also pays homage to the sacrifice and history that our forefathers and heroes have forged for us.

3. What's one of your favorite memory's since starting the band?

I don't have just one memory that stands out, i have many. it has allowed me to get my "message" out to so many people, but more it has allowed me to meet and work with some really influential people. I really enjoy hearing from people that love the music. it makes my heart proud to know that i was able to entertain someone. i've never wanted fame or fortune, i have only wanted to be able to make music for people who love music. i think i have accomplished that, and that is a memory in itself.

4. Who has been the biggest motivation for your music?

i was told a long time ago that i had a very recognizable style of playing, and that i was able to write catchy songs. i had played in a lot of bands before then, but never really put a lot of thought into the lyrical content and such, it was pretty cookie cutter and generic. so when i was paid that compliment for my style i figured that i would try and make music that was enjoyable, but also that illustrated my thoughts. it took me a little while to brainstorm what direction i wanted to take things. i had a bunch of music that i had recorded without vocals of any type. i then got a hold of rick from label56 and asked him what type of record he might be interested in releasing. we went over a couple ideas that i had, and then pin pointed on one, an aggressive, in your face attack on bullshit. so i went with that and "revolution for dummies" is what came out. "can you hear us now" was just an evolution in the music. i was so much more comfortable with the path that i wanted to travel for the music that it just poured out. my motivation was strong enough that both albums only took a month apiece. i really wanted to get the music out to people, and find out just how many people were on the same page in all- the response has been amazing.

5. Where do you plan on taking your career in the future?

Well, as we all know making a "career" out of music is incredibly difficult, especially in this scene. it typically costs much more money than can be made on any release, but money isn't why most of us do it its the thrill of playing, the thrill of entertaining- i know for me. thats why i do it, I love making music. as far as the 96 brigade goes, i think that is a project that i won't be revisiting. i made my statement, and it was well received. at this point i am going to find new projects to become a part of and try new things. so keep your eyes out, i'll be back with something else.

6. What is one of your favorite lyrics from one of your songs?

i think one of my favorite lyrics from any of my songs would be:
"I got the gas and you got the flame
we have the fire that can strengthen our name
this country isn't strong because of symbols friend
its the pride and loyalty of all of its citizens
building new monuments don't really mean a fucking thing
not when those monuments mean ineptitude and colossal greed
the only symbol that we need with us here today
is the battle colors for the republics of the USA."

it was chance really. i was asked to come do some studio work for Patriots Call on the bass guitar. they ended up loving what i did and i was given the honor of being their full time bassist. i had a blast with those guys. we made a fantastic record, and played some really fun shows. like anything else though, things come to an end. once we parted ways i was without any type ofband to play with for quite some time. and then just like before i just kind of fell into force fed hate and just had a blast. since that time i have worked with english rose, the dirty bunch, and several other projects. im currently working on a metal project and a new hardcore project. at this point in my life, i just kind of let things happen as they come. i wish i had the motivation that i did when i was younger, now- it would make things a lot easier.
i know that both albums are centered around the u.s.a. and that might make it hard for people to relate to them around the world. its inarguable though that we share the same struggles and problems in every country.

7. Who would you like to share the stage with and why?

there are plenty of artists that i would love to perform with, its so hard to come up with just one. since i have to though, i think that i would love to play alongside griffin. he takes such an approach of compassion for our history and legends. he's always been such a profound person to me.

8. Do you have any advice for upcoming artist?

the only advice that i can give to someone, is don't give up on what you want. it takes time and hard work to make these things happen. people don't have a lot of interest in cookie cutter bands, so take the time to really make something that not only sounds good, but you love yourself when you listen to it.

9. How did you get into the music scene?

10. What is one of your favorite places to perform?

i think the east coast is hands down one of the most enjoyable places in the country to play. those guys just know how to have fun, playing on the west coast is fun too, don't get me wrong. the problem is people are so spread out that depending on where you play there just isn't much of a showing.

11. Where would you like to perform one day?

i can't say i really have any certain place that i want to play more than another. i love to perform and i love to travel.

12. Anything else you would like to say or add?

anyone out there who is looking for advice on how to get their music out there you have to ask questions. if you need some suggestions you can email me at i'm always more than willing to help someone.i have been blessed with the opportunities that the 96 brigade has afforded me. i wouldn't trade any of it for the world. I've had a blast making music, and i will continue to do so. thank you, sir, for giving me the time to share a little bit about myself.

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