Wednesday, September 2, 2015

blood n beers! (stolen from da six pack king) <<<< check it out man!

Yo first off all thanks a keg for doing this interview with da six pack king !
Anybody who calls themselves the six pack king is worth our time, haha.(Interview Ray & Jules-vocals & Guitarist of BNB)
Could you first introduce Blood n Beer to the readers who havent heard you yet ? Who is in the band and how did you all meet ? 

Our name is Blood n beer and we are from the SouthEnd of San Antonio Texas. We established ourselves in our local scene throughout the 90’s. We drive on the heaviness of pissed-off-working-class rock ‘n roll because that’s what we often do is piss people off. A kid was recently told to leave from a venue because he had one of our old bar t-shirts on. Our vibe is loud and proud.
I’ll start with original member the #1 Asshole Julian on vocals, Jason on Lead he’s basically an original member, Me(Ray) rhythm, Baby Gabe, who is the baby at 22 yrs old is on bass and newest member Jerry on drums. We are all from San Antonio, TX. Julian, Jason and I have known each other way before the band. I first met Julian through a mutual friend back in about 1997. And to go full circle Julian, Jerry and Jason we’re childhood friends from the southside. They’re pushing their 40’s. I’m a few years younger and I grew up on the east-southeast side. Baby Gabe hails from the west side and was introduced to us through some friends of ours. Julian with other former members started the band in 2002 and Jason came in around 2003/04? I was asked to join about 2007/8 after Robert Parker left the band & we were shakin’ up for some time by his sudden passing. Parker played lead and bass on most of those recording because our original bassist was too drunk and drugged to play. Then came fresh crop Baby Gabe on bass, who was in a death metal band. He joined a couple years back, but the rest of us have been around for years now and have watched each other get fat, old, bruised and bloodied.
Who came up with the band name Blood n Beer ? I fucking love it , its one of the coolest names ever !

 Glad you like it, the name actually came from a GWAR song. Blood n beer was Damage Control prior to 2002. Way back Jason actually got to share that moment with GWAR when they came to town.
How would you describe your beer drenched music to the people who havent heard it yet ? 

It touches on various sides of oi! And punk rock along with just great rock n roll, but the Blood n beer version. We have songs about real shit that goes on and most of what you hear now is the stuff we’ve been playing forever. Blood n beer has a whole mess of songs that have been around since the beging that we haven’t recorded. We lived these songs. It’s a brother hood, it’s the working class struggle. Sex, drugs and rock n roll.
What have you released sofar and how was the reaction on the stuff from both underground zines and fans ? 

What we have available now is up on our Bandcamp and Facebook page. It contains almost all of our very early years. We may have lost some demos that are floating around out there somewhere. Most interviews or reviews have been positive. Had a good review out of Skrutt, another for the Texas Oi! Compilation, we are also on Smash the Discos Vol. 1, plus a couple on line compilations. Still waiting on another interview to get published with a guy from Los Habitantes in Brazil. We’ve been at this for so long that our underground movement has been great considering we are banned from most of the popular punk/rock clubs in town. Our fan base in San Antonio has been solid since day. These are our brothers and sisters and we have known each other for along as we can remember. Every day the Blood n beer Army grows. More recently we are seeing and increase in fans from overseas which is great because being a fan in San Antonio gets you kicked out of local bars, clubs or possibly beat up.
Could you describe a typical Blood n beer live gig to us ? 

Typical show contains beer, lots of beer and maybe some other paraphanelia. Early on the violence was pretty bad at our shows resulting in our ban. Surprisingly we still got booked with great touring acts until the promoters got together to shut us out once and for all. Over the years the shows have been great. Hitting Austin and Corpus Christi are always great times. There are two bars Splach and Nesta we love to hit. Blood n beer brings a great diverse crowd.
What do you love to do the most n why, writing songs recording them and playing live ? 

Nothing can top playing live, that moment when you have every body’s attention and there is beer flying across the room, sing-a-longs, dancing, mic’s & mic stands smashing into your mouth, great times. There is a lot of pride and excitement when your recording and hearing that play back. Writing songs just have never been a problem. Jason has songs for days along with other stuff we piece together.
Where did you had your most memorable livegig ?
The most memorable has to be my first gig(& first ever gig) with Blood n beer at Rock Bottom on Ave. B downtown San Antonio around 2006. We opened up for Agnostic Front. I remember running late to the show pulling up to the front to unload and almost simutaniously every one else in the band pulled up too. There was a line of people coming out of the building and I just remember saying “Fuck”. We set up as fast as we could and jammed the hell out of that place. Julian and the rest of the guys did everything to embarrass me on stage.
Who writes the lyrics for Blood n Beer and what are they mostly dealing with ? 

Julian and Jason write most of the lyrics. Some had also been written by Parker. They range from drunken violence to the drunk tank(county jail) to sloppy drunken sex, going out on random drunken nights and picking fights. Lashing back after being told you can’t do this and you can’t do that for so many years. Giving the middle finger to authority.
Bloody Laces is a song i fucking love could ya tell what this song is all about ?
Song was written by Julian in 5 minutes and was completed at the following practice. Fat Ass, Blood n beer’s old guitarist, sings and plays guitar on it. It’s about being on a warpath and seeking violence. Going out and literally fucking up someone just to feel better. Possibly the fastest song we have. Every year it seems to get faster.
From where you are, is there a scene around ? what bands do you totally support ? how about zines and venues to play ? 

There is a scene here in SA. And Blood n beer has been the black sheep of it all. We support out of town bands, maybe a couple of punk and metal bands that are worth mentioning. We only support our local bars, no real support for any venues because they’re all corrupt and full of politics.
What was the sickest thing ever happend at a Blood n Beer gig ?

Jules lead singer. I seen a guy get his ass beaten on two occasions at a show while we played we just kept playing and they kept fighting so its like we were the background music for their beatings haha.
What was the most shitty venue you ever had to play ? Where was the coolest ? 

The korova because they banned us from there haha yea fuck you shovel face angel you queer haha. The best place Alamo city live music venue for not being pussys about booking us . jules singer

What made you say fuck this shit i want to be in a fucking band ?

Jules I will be finishing this interview I was fooled into singing by my first band mates in my first band damage control I would go and watch them practice they had no singer so they would ask me to sing lyrics they had and shit after two months of that shit they booked a show without telling me and I was angry but still did it and that’s where I started I also sang for the perturbed another old san Antonio punk band I was their 4th singer and was their last
What bands are for an influence to Blood n Beer when youre writing your kick ass working class rock n roll ?
 my influinces are the old british oi and punk bands I grew up listening to that plus old American oi! and punk as well I am also a big fan of outlaw country willie nelson Johnny cash merl haggard also American metal like pantera down super joint ritual slayer
There’s a bunch, but we grew up with a lot of different music. Being raised in Texas Pantera is always on rotation.
Alright you dudes know what time it is now, cuz this zine aint only about tha musick but also abt beer so, what would be your favorite beers and how much of that could you take before you pass out ?
 for me its Texas beers I love shiner bock brewed in shiner Texas a great asortmant of styles also lone star beer when money is tight and good ol busch and pabst blue ribbion we can go all night long aslong as the fridge or ice chest is full hahaha bush bootboys oi oi
Do you remember your first beer ? Was it love at first sight or did you hated it at first ?
 yes I was a fresh cut and it was a miller high life and it tasted like shit to me I drank it anyway haha . Mine(Ray) was a budwieser, possibly MD 2020.
If Blood n Beer was a beer style what kind of style would it be and why
I think no I know we would be a Texas beer like shiner good and strong enough to fuck you up at the end of the night.
What do you think about all those metal bands that are getting their own beers ? Would you like to have this also for Blood n Beer to happen ?
 hell yes blood n beer stout brewd in Texas drink a case of this and wake up dead or in jail or pregnant haha
What are some of the more funny stories you could share with us when you were under the influence of the almighty golden beer ? 

Well most of mine involve violence so here is one I had just moved into a new house with a room mate and we been out drinking with some of the boys south end skins Texas so we were coming down the road and our old drummer was driving we turn the corner and there was a goose in the road he hit that fucker I saw his neck smack the hood and we started laughing when I woke up the next day our neighbor was pissed because her dog was dead in the road and asked if we hit it I said no but we probably did hahah that night was not good for animals in the street.
Youre from Texxxas, what are some of the best beers from Texxxas, and what beers are tasting like total piss ? shiner hands down, I think lone star taste like shit but everyone loves that horse piss.
Whats your opinion about beers without alkohol and the motherfucking pussies that drink that fucking shit ?
 I think they should stay home if they are gonna drink non alcoholic beer unless you got a good reason I hate non alcoholic beer
When did you had your worst hangover ? You know the kind of hangovers that made you wish you were straight fucking edge ! What do you do to cure yourself from that evil shit ?

I woke up face down on my floor and my room mate was yelling at me to get up and go to work I had all my cloths on boots and all pile of vomit next to me the guys said they opend the door for me and I took a step in and fell face first on the floor so yeah the next day was a living hell.i will try and drink a soda or something besides beer try and eat vicoden and red bull is the cure all for me though
Did you ever had to puke on stage cuz you had too many beers ? 
no but we played corpus Christi we were up all night drinking the night before and drove down to corpus and started drinking again it was some fucking oi fest so we went on around 10 at night I thought we would fuck the set up but we ended up playing one of our best sets that night had the place going ape shit corpus shows are always good shout out to our south end guys in corpus gary and rich
What was the most shitty beer you ever got at a venue where you had to play ?
lone star at all the damn bars here in Texas hahah now this my opinion some of the guys love lone star I don’t hahah
Ray- I’m not an IPA fan, but the shittiest would have to be warm left over keg beer.
Whats the most common beers you get when youre on tour ? 

We played Orlando florida and we drank pabst blue ribbion and budwiser and a lot of whisky

What are the things you want to have done with Blood n Beer before the band is dead n gone ?

Just to make our mark in Oi! Or in punk rock in general. After 13 years we are just starting to get world wide recognition so theres no stopping now and as long as nobody overdoses or ends up doing time we’ll still be cranking out music.
Where can the fans get your merchandise and cds ?
Band camp and at our shows and on facebook
Alright bro these were all the questions tha six pack king had for ya ! last words / shoutouts are yours ! thanks again for this interview, you rule !!
ok first off thanks to all the people out here who support us and to all who have banned us from the pubs and bars in our city suck my south end dick .much love to my south end brothers here in Texas ,florida,Michigan,billy burg and the black list swindlers Billy onderus and brew crew skins in Orlando for showing us love oi also Mr. Jason Scott long for spreading the word about us and repping the south end in Michigan Chris from hardsell for coming to Texas from half way across the states and coming to our show just like Jason long

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