Sunday, February 1, 2015

this is my interview with SOCA. A group devoted to stopping child abuse through music and group action!

Well first thing first tell me a bit about org and what part you play in it?

"Stomp Out Child Abuse helps put a voice & face to child abuse victims.Things have gotten so bad with CPS/law enforcement/judicial system that we HAD to exist. The system is failing these kids and has become more of a business then a protection service. I am one of 2 co-founders of the organization."

How did you come up with the idea to start a group like this?

"By seeing those close to us experience it and not be able to take their pain away.Too many kids suffer with the pain of having been abused and are scared to death to speak up. Mostly because of threats against them or loved ones....We decided that kids seeing that there are people who didn't know them that would fight for them and help them rebuild their confidence was more important then what new band/album/show was happening."

How many states and countries do you have crews in?

"We have chapters in 4 countries : Australia, Canada, UK, and US .Here in the US, we have 34 chapters alone and growing daily"

You have a cd coming out for your group can you tell me anything about it?

"Yes, its amazing Dave from Skinflint approached us about doing this comp. As we are an all volunteer group, we weren't interested in making money. We decided that any funds raised by this would go directly to SafeHorizon.Org They do AMAZING work with abused women & children. There isn't a weak band or song on this release not one! People are going to be truly blown away by the amount of bands that have stepped up and volunteered songs. Its a who's who of US & UK bands"

Are you guys connected with any other groups around the world?

"We aren't really connected with anyone, but we do have good working relationships with other groups here and abroad who do similar work. We'd like to thank the group Pedophile_Annihilators. They do AMAZING work exposing pedophiles and making this world a little safer for kids."

How can we get some merch for the crew? there are some pretty sweet shirts I see some people wearing.

"They can be found on our website at . It is located under the MERCH tab at the top. We currently have t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, kids shirts & cloth patches/back-patches. Next week, we are getting our embroidered patches in only $9 plus $3.50 for shipping. For a t-shirt we aren't running out anytime soon, have an order for 100 that will be here next weekend."

Is there anything really cool that's up coming?

"Yes, we have a few things The Chester Stomp Comp will be coming out in the next 90 days. Not only is the album going to be mind-blowing, but we will offering a special edition package that will be offered as well. The next thing is that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month across the world so be on the look out during April, we are going to make our presence felt. Kids will start feeling a little safer knowing we are the nightmares that their abusers suffer from. We have some more stuff in the pipeline for this summer, but only in the beginning stages."

Pleasure asking you a few questions, Anything else you want to say?

"Yes, Id like to thank you for giving us a platform in which to get our message out. I'd like to tell everyone reading this, please don't ever assume your kids are 100% safe or that nothing could happen to them. This world gets a little more and more dangerous for kids every year. Keep yourself informed of whats happening in your neighborhood, town & in the schools. If someone reading this has ever had abuse hit close to home or to them personally, we just to let them know they aren't alone...and we are here if they need us. Id like to thank everyone in S.O.C.A. for taking up this fight and everyone out there who has/is supporting us by spreading the word. The last thing Id like to say is this : The best thing everyone can do is go to the Family Watchdog website and type in their zip-code. It will amaze you, then disgust you..then it makes you open your eyes a little wider. The website can be found at:

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