Friday, February 20, 2015


i had a interview with the lords of RAC! watch and learn!

1 introduce yourself and your bands style
Scott Vocals, Ed Lead Guitar, Wayne Bass, Drew Guitar and Steve Drums. * Our style is Hard Rock/Punk

2 what separate you guys from the rest of the RAC scene?
We deliver a signature sound of a mix from different genres. Our sound is a blend of hard rock, punk, oi, southern rock and street rock

3 what's your favorite bands and how they effected your music
3. Our tastes for music and what we listen too differ from each band member. For myself (scott) i still listen mostly to older rac bands. Skrewdriver had a sound and message that made perfectly good sense to me. I was turned onto them at a crucial point in my life of becoming a young man. I had like-minded views, so naturally the band pulled me in as a diehard fan.

4 how bigs the scene in america compared to how it use to be and how is it in texas now?
In terms of shows, It's always up and down. Through the 80's-90's, it was commonplace to hear of shows every month with good line ups from the dozens of bands that existed back then. I have seen the American rac music scene rise and fall at least 4 times over my career. Labels shut down, promoters settle into family life, Shows in remote areas that few will travel to, etc. all play part when it's down. It is now reaching the point where new blood is stepping up and promoting the music again. The bands are stepping it up too with recording efforts and production. There are now thousands of videos on the web from like-minded bands . Before, only hundreds could hear us, now hundreds of thousands are hearing us. I'd say that it is as strong as ever and continues to grow more daily. * Texas is a lot like the rest of the country, Up and down.

5.what new bands are you really looking up to come up
Spirit of the patriot have just released a new recording ( a split with Max Resist.) They are an American act from the east coast. "Iron will" (California) and "Kriegs Legion" (Detriot), to name a few. I recommend a listen to all 3 bands.

6.what's your favorite song to play live? How about in general?
My favorite song to play is either Thought control, or skinhead superstar. Both whip the crowd into a frenzy! I like performing most of the Hard Times Hard Measures songs. That album is special to us and filled with great memories while recording it.

7 is there any bands that you want to do a concert with?
I hope to one day perform with BFG, Brutal Attack, or Max Resist again.

8 what's all your albums and eps and how can we get them?
We have numerous spots on compilations but the full lengths and splits are:
The 6 song demo 1984/85 (self)
Divsion S/ Bully Boys- (self)
Best of 1984-1999 (panzerfaust)
White kids gonna fight (panzerfaust)
Anthems with an attitude- Brutal attack/Bully Boys (panzerfaust)
Hard Times Hard Measures (PC)
Be careful what you wish for (PC)
From Amerika with love (BBBB)
*All of our music is available for digital download
For all merch, cd's, Lp's, visit us at:

9 whats your favorite place to preform at?
That's a hard one..... Australia, Russia, Finland ,Italy, Greece, to name a few.

10 how many countries have you preformed at?
Over a dozen, and counting

11 are any of you guys hatfields or McCoys?
No we are not (we just like singing about them)

11 any last words and thank you for allowing me for doing this
12. Best of luck to ya Da Wolfman. Thank you for the support and hope to run into you at a show sometime!

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