Wednesday, February 4, 2015

this is my pal Travis, and he is restarting American Defense records. Most of his new stuff will be classics and collectiable so you will want to buy it up fast!

First thing first introduce yourself and your label

Alright, I am Travis and I am the Kim Jung Un of American Defense Records. the web address is I guess the label started in late 2004 or so, maybe 2005, at the time there was a lot of bands and labels that were really trying hard to be as politically correct as they could be but still use the Skinhead image and the sound of Oi!, but rebranding it as 'street punk'. I assume this was a feeble attempt to declare to the work that they were not in any way, shape or form racist or against the current state religion of the United States: multiculturalism. I decided that I wanted to contribute to Oi! music. I suck at playing music and I am a record nerd so the logical conclusion was a record label.

what plans do you have for this label?

Well right now the label has been on a hiatus since 2007, so I am still the beginning phases of getting it back up and running. This time around I am not censoring a goddamn thing at all. If someone wants to have a 12" by 12" Swazi as an LP cover, then go for it. I am completely repulsed by the fat tubs of goo that pass for Skinheads now days.I am sick of 55 year old freshcuts who think they are European soccer ultras and horseshit "acoustic Oi!". Fuck every last bit of that and to hell with political correctness. I think that the reason Skinhead in the US is dying is because we have let it get watered down. Any young kids worth a shit that would have initial interest are turned away once they get involved and see that today its nothing but more of the same. Working people are fucking sick of political correctness and social engineering. Oi! and RAC should be a voice for that segment of the population that is looking for REAL dissent

whats your feeling on "skinhead super stars" and do you encounter them alot?

I think there is a difference between being proud of what you are and being a pompous dick about it. I guess a lot of people get into it for the wrong reasons and think it makes them tough...or appear tough and they have to carry on that persona with they way they treat other people. I have been guilty of it for sure in the past. I am definitely way more level headed now than when I was a kid so I don't know. I enjoy like minded people or just a good conversation in general but I still have zero tolerance for anyone that is blatantly against me or anything I care about.

is there a skinhead scene left in kentucky?

No, very few skins here. There are some scattered around but no scene to speak of and most people here don't even know what it is. My wife has faced local hipster kids trying to jeopardize her job for being into it etc...They don't know what it is or why they hate it, they just know they are supposed to. Again, heretics going against the established RELIGION of multiculturalism And really now that I think of it, not is there a lack of subcultures in general, but the concept of nationalism itself completely eludes the vast majority of American youth. Not only in KY, but all over the country

is there any bands that you really want to work with

Well right now I am really happy with how well everything has been coming together. Blood In the Face, Red White and Black, releasing the old Bad Rep demos on vinyl...those are all bands I am really happy to be putting records out with. From what I have heard I really love Under Siege form Pittsburgh. If they ever record enough stuff to constitute an LP I would love to release it. I am talking to Jon from the Pittsburgh band The Bureau about possibly doing the vinyl release of those unreleased songs. I am really happy those guys would give me the time of day with their music. Working with This Means WAR to release the Hated and Proud tracks that came after Let Freedom Reign. That is exciting too. A lot of cool stuff coming this year and beyond.

what cds and mech can you get right now?

I only had a small amount of leftover stock from when I did the label back in 2007. I sold almost everything I had to Hostile Class Records years ago. Since I have started it back about 2 months ago I made some shirts, they are sold out. Got some scarves made, still have some of those. Really just waiting on the first wave of LPs to come in to gain the funds to continue the release of more music. Once that happens I think things will move relatively quickly since I am doing limited runs of everything. This time around I am doing only vinyl and only short runs of 200-300. Everything will have as much lyrics, pictures, info etc that I can fit in there or that I have available to me but really American Defense is geared towards fellow record nerds. I am worried about quality more than anything. I want the people that really appreciate Oi! and RAC on vinyl to be into the label. I don't want to put out mass produced CD so they can just end up on someones shelf and not be handled or listened to for years on end. That is always how I have been with CDs anyways.

have you ever thought about promoting concerts?

I used to when I did the label before. There was a scene there, I was interested in building one. It worked. I still have friends that are skinheads that got into it during that period. To be honest, now I am so jaded about people in general that I don't care to be around them most of the time. I work full-time and goto school full time and am pretty busy and active outside of that anyways so at the end of the day I really just want to shoot guns, hang out with friends and family, listen to records, work out and read. I just don't have the give a fuck to promote the scene locally where it shows not the slightest glimmer of potential.

is there any labels you work closely with?

I have been dealing with Toni from This Means War in some capacity for almost ten years now, he asked me if I wanted to co-release the Hated and Proud 'American Blood' LP with him...I was really happy to do that and it is being worked on right now. I think in the future I will just sell ADR releases and trade with Toni in Spain to sell to European skins who are trying to get the music without paying the insane shipping overseas.

any last words ?

yeah any young people out there reading this get a useful degree or learn a trade. you don't want to be doing that when you're in your thirties. Thanks for the interview and keep it up good to see younger people interested in nationalism

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