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Could you please introduce yourself to our readers:

Hi there, I'm Jäsä, knocking on 43 and a racial activist on various levels since 1989. My utmost interest is video making, filming and editing. But I have also produced skinzine (AinaSkin in early till mid 1990s) and a few other mags as well (Finnish B&H in mid 1990s too and later on editor of chief in Blood & Honour Scandinavia and B&H Sweden mags).
I've also put some time in producing CD's (AinaSkin, Ragnarock records with Max Hammer and NS records with Marcel Schilf + various sublabels). And been organizing plenty of gigs, demos what not. Kriegsberichter videomagazine series ( are some of my most known work.
Recived a few years "statepaid holiday" back in 1990's for duties for Race & Nation, which just made me more motivated on White Mans' cause.
Like: Dogs. Dislike: Third worlders.

1. how did you get into video making?

I always felt very strongly about storytelling and making my own mini movies, was heavily influence by splatter/gore genre in the late 1980's so at the oh ever so tender age of 14 I finally grabbed the camera (vhs)
and a bunch of friends and just started like that. It was 1987 then, and got into Skinhead way of things couple of years later so the course of
my videos was shaped up accorindgly.

2 whos you favorite director or animator?

Kosher alert, but gotta be Stanley Kubrick ... or Milos Forman or F.F. Coppola. Obviously a woman who renewed story telling too (Orson Welles just ripped her off), Leni Riefenstahl o/. (Triumph of the will, Olympia 1936 etc...)

3 how did you get into nationalism?

I'm prety sure I got it in my mothers milk. Finns are naturally born nationalists considering our history. Trusting no-one (in regards to our bordering countries) can be challening.

4 is sweden as liberal as they say it is?

Unfortunately Sweden is being turned into Sharia zone Kalifat. I lived there good 15 years. Best of luck to them though, drive the enemy into sea.

5. is there any swedish groups making progress for nationalism?

Anyone standing up for their race & nation in these days is that progress.

6 what made you think of your video series? whats your favorite one?

If you mean Kriegsberichter videomagazine, it was a natural evolution, them concert videos started to be a bit boring in the long run
so I teamed up with Marcel Schilf of NS88 in 1995. Before that I made music videos for bands, for instance Paul Burnley of
No Remorse fame once requested 20 or so clips. Many projects were folded but evolved finally into what then became known as Kriegsberichter,
travelled quite a bit across in Europe to film various events, also got footage sent to me (vhs supremacy!).

7. if you could have a day to talk to someone either dead or far away who would it be?

Far away is easy...just email or videocall away. But that would always be my one and true inspiration, Ian Stuart. He liked the videos I made for
Skrewdriver at the dawn of 1990's. That and my parents (been gone for 21 years now).

8.what bands are your favorite in the americas? what about europe?

I don't really follow music scene nowadays at all, its a whole new other ballgame with the invasion of third worlders at hand ... so it's gotta be the bands I grew up with, ie. Arresting Officers, Day Of The Sword, Nordic Thunder (interiewed them
in my AinaSkin magazine in 1992 when they had just put out a demotape), Bully for newver acts, I liked Youngland a lot, and Blue Eyed Devils, oh and also Lighting Rod
for giving such gems (hi Dave!)

9 can you tell me about you 40 rarities that just came out?

It's basically a compilation of various clips I've made between 2011 - 2015 and were never put out on any DVD release. Lot of old 'Driver songs given heavy editing. But also brand new
stuff like Trollfront, IC1 etc ... a few distributors are dealing with that release now. All in all I have made hundreds of videos, my youtube channel has entertainment for a few hours:

10. any bands you hope to be able to see live?

Yeah, the classical MisFits line-up smile emoticon Driver obviously, Driver now, Driver today, Driver tomorrow, Driver forever.

11 thank you for you interview and think you!

Thank you Wolfiedude for the interest. All the best

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