Sunday, September 13, 2015

carlos of bronco army!

1. Introduce yourself and your band. 1-Well, I'm Carlos current bassist in Bronco Army. I think I do not know how the situation at the time and still will continue with the band. 2. Can you tell me about your style of music? 2- I really like Oi and Rac. I'm not like the others, do not like reggae, ska and rocksteady. 3. What countries have you played at? 3- We have played in Germany and Czech Republic. 4. What bands do you consider your biggest influence? 4- For me, Skrewdriver, No Remorse, Agent Buldogg, Endstufe, Skullhead, Bulldog Breed, Les Vilains, Kill baby Kill, Condmned 84, Close Shave, Brutal Attack, Pluton Svea, Brutal Combat, Evil Skins, ic1, Likedeelers. 5. Is there a lot of skins in Brazil? 5- It has many labels and idiotic pseudo revolutionaries. But real Skinheads? I don't think so, haha. 6. What is your feeling on the local Antifa who got ran over by the bus in Brazil? 6- I do not like Antifas and if they are suffering accidents or dying for nothing do not care haha 7. What your lyrics mostly about? 7- We talked a lot about Sao Paulo pride of our beloved land we were born and we struggle to get rid of Getulio Vargas government, and mostly we talk about street skinheads facing the obstacles of everyday life. 8. What is your feeling on the national politics in your home country? 8- My feeling about the current policy is pure disgust and a vision of a miserable future for all of Brazil, I hope the opposition comes to save us. 9. What made you decide you were going to be a skin and play in a rock n roll band? 9- I've always been street kid, and I start in punk where I identify myself for a while however never considered me as an anarchist or political supporter of failed ideals, I met the skins of my town and started hanging out with them and always seeking information always wanted to have true friends who were with me to drink and also to fight then I found myself in the mean. 10. Is there any last words or comments? 10- For me my concept of skinhead you have to have liver to drink enough, loyalty and honor principles that a man should carry with them for life, the hatred in his eyes and fists to face any enemy and mostly have a sense of brotherhood and also to music because it frees us from day stress ... hold on tight, a big hug and cheers for American skinheads!

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