Wednesday, January 20, 2016

14 sacred words!

1. introduce you and your krew

 We are 14 Sacred Words.
 Jasin (me) - guitar and vocals
 Mikkaal - guitar and vocals
 Scott - bass
 Euclid - drums

 2. what kinda music do you play?

 We are still developing our sound, but for the moment we're just calling it Metalcore.

 3. what's unique about your band?

 I would say the biggest thing that sticks out about us is we're probably the only openly pro-white Metalcore band currently in the game.
 Also, everything to the smallest detail, from artwork to recording, mixing and mastering, and distribution of our music is done entirely by ourselves.

 4. most important band that influences you? any nationalist bands?

 All of us have wildly different tastes in music, ranging from Vivaldi to Impending Doom.
 I think objectively, our music could be compared to bands like Born of Osiris, Killswitch Engage, and maybe Motionless In White.
 There are many Nationalists bands we love and listen to daily such as Those Opposed, Final War, H8Machine, No Remorse, Nokturnal Mortum, Temnozor, (this list can go on forever).

 5. you support a group?

 14 Sacred Words is a handful of a DAG of Identity Vanguard. We support all Nationalist groups, regardless of ideological differences or location, but we are avid supporters of Traditionalist Worker Party.

 6 what's your area like for nationalism?

 We live in NYC, there is no Nationalist movement here, though we do have a few scattered Nationalist groups throughout the five boroughs. This is a very dangerous place to be pro-white. It's akin to being the only man with sight in a village where blindness is the law.
 7. you guys plan on playing live?
 We would love to perform live shows in the future, but as of right now, we have very little written material and ever diminishing free time. We remain hopeful.

 8. when would/will you guys have a first release?

 I wish I could put any kind of honest timestamp on it, but all I can say for certain is that we're working on new material every weekend. We hope to have a full length album ready for release some time this year.

 9. dream concert line up?

 I would like to see any of the bands who advocate for our cause in the mainstream arena. My dream concert is one of all of our bands off the fringes.

 10 any last words or comments?

 Thank you for speaking with us. And thank you, to all who've supported 14SW and the Nationalist cause in these hectic times. We can see the tide rolling in, the enemy losing their grip on the minds and souls of our people. The days of change are upon us, brothers and sisters!
 Surrender, never!
 Victory, forever

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