Thursday, January 21, 2016

Misanthropic Division Brazil interview!

1 Can you introduce MD as a organization

The Misanthropic Division is a paramilitary organization totally racist and romantic, which stands for National Socialist struggle and the resumption of European traditional way of life. We have a position contrary to any materialistic doctrine and not European, are the false beliefs of Christianity, the cultural Marxism or liberal Jewish degeneration. We are PAN-European, lovers of the natural way of life, the pantheons of our ancestors, the blood religion, that connects us with our real spiritual essence and a natural way of life. In other words, are the cry of hatred against the modern world, the total break with multiculturalism, the call for ethnic, spiritual, moral survival and physiological for all European peoples and Euro Descendants

3 Can you tell me what you guys do in terms of activism and get together?

n Brazil we have many problems, nothing in our country in favor, laws harm us, politicians hate us, we hate the police and much of the population (very stupid) also hates us! Because of this we can not make big statements like certain groups in the European region, but here there is also a great activism: make collages, pasted stickers, do graffiti, produce gigs for the meeting of members and the disclosure of bands that make music for the cause Produce lectures with debates about National Socialism and the importance of preserving the white race in Brazil and worldwide, we have the production of articles for people from our core and also to call people outside of our core, and we also do many "piratismos "against the system, illegal actions for our laws.

3 can you tell about the situation of European descended people in your country? Are they growing or shrinking?

In the South of my country there are many cities that do not change! keeps European customs, speaking languages ​​such as Italian, German, Spanish and even Ukrainian .... with their respective cultures and not mingling with the multiculturalism of the rest of the country .. but in most of the euro descendants are decreasing in Brazil.

4 How did you get into nationalism?

I think in prĂ³l National Socialist the white race and not only nationalist in my country, because here we do not have customs, nation and characteristics. I joined the cause seeing the extinction of my race, my origins, my ancestral blood being forgotten over time, and also seeing the red plague and the Jewish plague expanding worldwide.

5 What's your feelings on the separatist movements that say south Brazil should be independent

I really support that southern Brazil is independent even if at the beginning you can spend some difficulties, but the problem is that many of the separatist movements in Brazil are made by Masons ... and do not support the masonry, so it is kind of hard

6 Do you guys have close relations with any other group ?

We have good relations with any National Socialist group that is serious and truly fight for the cause. There are some other groups in Brazil who are our allies, some of which small groups that give us support.

7 How does one get involved?

Looking for a local cell and passing through a period of observation to see their loyalty and their trust

8 Well Is there any last words and thank you for doing the interview!

Thanks for the opportunity I had to speak on their site and tell a little about the movement of my country, know that here there is still a strong and politicized movement for white sake! I leave a Sieg Heil to all comrades and thanks for the interview. 88

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